Ramiro received M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees in computer science from Politehnica University of Bucharest in 2003 and 2013. In 2004 he started to work for California Institute of Technology at CERN (The European Centre for Nuclear Research), one of the largest research facilities in the world. Dr. Voicu was involved in designing and development of distributed monitoring systems, simulations for data replication in the CMS experiment and high-performance data transfer applications for the LHC. His involvement in SDN started more than 10 years ago with the design and development of a distributed control plane for light-path provisioning over the first US LHC trans-Atlantic Network, which interconnected CERN with US Tier1 sites at Fermilab and BNL. Dr. Voicu and is a member of the ACM and has published over 30 scientific papers. He was part of the consortium which won several Bandwidth Challenge Awards.