The Telescent G4 Network Topology Manager ("G4 NTM)" is the largest capacity, highest optical performing, single mode and multimode configurable, fully Software Defined Network ("SDN") controlled cross connect of future networks.

Automated, software driven management of the physical network topology is essential to achieve efficient and reliable network operations, especially as networks increase in complexity and scale.  The Telescent NTM implements physical layer automation and virtualization through Telescent’s unique KBS algorithms and modular system.  This system is designed for the latest generation of network automation applications in the data center, telecom, mobile and lab networks.

Finally, the full promise of SDN can be realized by fully accessing the physical layer with the Telescent G4 NTM.


Telescent G4 NTM with 1,008x1,008 Configuration


  • Software-Defined All-Optical Automatic Patch-Panel
  • Scalable from 48 to 1,008 Non-Blocking Duplex Ports (96 to 2,016 Non-Blocking Simplex Ports)
  • Very Low Insertion Loss < 0.5 dB Typical, < 1 dB Max
  • Single Mode and Multimode Connectivity
  • Fully Latched Connections
  • Fiber Optic Performance (On-Par with Patch Cords)
  • Low Power Consumption ~15 W in Steady State
  • Optional Optical Power Monitoring


  • Latching Optical Connections Unaffected by Power Interruptions & Communication Failures
  • Very Low & Consistent Optical Insertion Loss
  • Completely Modular Hot Swappable Platform (Including Redundant Power Supplies)
  • Linux Based Embedded System for Reliability and Security

User Interfaces

  • CLI (Command Line Interface)
  • RESTApi (For Seamless Integration with SDN Management Software Platforms)
    • The Complete REST Api Interface can be used as a Southbound Protocol for a Seamless Integration with a SDN Controller
  • Broswer Based WebGUI (For Simple Interaction)


  • CE, FCC and KC Certified