Telescent Introduces Large Scale Layer-0 Automation for Next Generation Data Centers

March 23, 2015 Marina del Rey, California (Business Wire) Telescent announces today commercial availability of its Gen3 Network Topology Manager (NTM) for large scale Layer-0 automation in next generation data centers. A live demonstration highlighting the industry leading capabilities of the NTM will be available at OFC 2015, Los Angeles Convention Center, Booth 1903, March 24-26, 2015. The Telescent display and live demonstration will be in conjunction with Go!Foton, a Telescent partner.

Telescent’s patented all-fiber NTM cross-connect switch utilizes a unique approach to optical patch panel automation by preserving all of the features of a manual patch panel (today’s industry work horse) including its large scalability to 1008 duplex ports, low optical loss (<0.5 dB), single mode and multimode signal handling, latched connections and affordable pricing, all while totally automating the switching process and eliminating human errors common in manual reconfigurations at Layer-0.

“The unique development of Telescent’s proprietary routing algorithms, based on the theory of Knots and Braids, creates a highly scalable product that cleverly combines robotic hardware and sophisticated software”, said Anthony Kewitsch, co-Founder and CEO of Telescent.

About Telescent

Telescent Inc. is dedicated to developing and deploying optical Layer-0 automation systems that ensure maximum signal integrity for next generation data center automation. By virtualizing Layer-0, the last remaining layer of the network, Software-defined Networking (SDN) can deliver on its promise of true Layer-7 to Layer-0 automation spanning the entire OSI stack! For more information about Telescent, including product updates, visit the company’s website at

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